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  • Tomorrows Racecar Technology
  • Custom Aero Bodies.
  • Custom Modified Chassis's.
  • Custom Velocity Stacks & Headers.
  • Custom Suspension Components.
  • Custom CAD Service
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Our Mission Statement
  • The possibility of failing is the #1 reason why most chassis and component manufacturers play follow the leader.
  • At PDI the possibility of succeeding is the #1 reason why we refuse to accept cookie cutter concepts; or traditions.
  • Flexing chassis designs to solve handling issues isn't a principle held by PDI either. Suspension systems with non-binding characteristics, coupled with a tough frame and tune able geometry attack angles are.
  • Our 2008 Uni-Rail system utilizes a single length of continuously bent tubing to bolster protection for the driver from impact, the fuel cell from rupture, and the business end, from chassis ending frontal crashes.
  • PDI aero packages are designed to capture double the air, by re-circulating air off the nose to the side pods which have deeper wing angles. Our wing angles are only possible with our PDI designed Schoenfeld 9" dropped headers, that coupled with our hidden cantilever front suspension system, create a continuous smooth flow of clean air over 38 SF of air foil, on just the side pods alone.



Featured Products


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Bolt on Inboard Assembly.
Click here and experience the 3D view.>

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PDI 2008 Outlaw Style Modified Frame.
Click here and experience the 3D view.>

9" PDI mockup Schoenfeld header.

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